Xanthohumol is a natural compound from the inflorescence of the female hop (Humulus Lupulus L.) with a range of properties that have a significant positive impact on the functioning of the human body, such as antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects, and their strength is incomparably greater than that of currently known compounds. Our xanthohumol is a substance of the highest purity, essential in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Our product XAN-HOP is a natural extract of hops grown only in EU countries - Germany and Poland, containing Xanthohumol in amounts > 98% or 99% depending on end use (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, dietary supplements etc.). Xanthohumol is extracted from hops, not synthesized, which means that remaining of extract mass are other, equally valuable hop flavonoids and not organic synthesis reagents of unknown biological activity.

The product can be used for many purposes in terms of treatment and well-being improvement:

We are very committed to full transparency and therefore, in cooperation with 3IPK, we are providing a tool that allows you to track each stage of production of our xanthohumol.


Purchase of the semi- product (stock)

7 kg of xop extract powder produced from hops meeting the German and European food safety regulations. Semiproduct lot number: LOT 5 XN/36-66. Xanthohumol content - 28,9%.

Microbiological testing of the semi-product

Microbiological tests for: total number of aerobic mesophilic microorganisms, total number of yeasts and moulds, number of coliforms, presence of salmonella. PASSED

Start of the production process

Each stage of the production process is carried out according to HACCP standards, which means constant monitoring of all critical control points throughout the production process, transport and storage. This includes strict hygiene monitoring, checking microbiological parameters and contamination levels by performing tests at each stage of production and on the final product. Production under the supervision of the State Sanitary Inspection.

Microbiological testing of the product samples

Microbiological tests for: total number of aerobic mesophilic microorganisms, total number of yeasts and moulds, number of coliforms, presence of salmonella. PASSED

Purity test of xanthohumol

Proper purity testing of Xanthohumol is a very important step in the manufacturing process. When someone offers you Xanthohumol with an HPLC Purity of over 96 or 98%, it does not mean that there is that much Xanthohumol in the total product weight. It may turn out that you have actually bought 50% Xanthohumol by weight and the remaining 50% are undefined substances that may even be harmful to your health. That is why we have our tests conducted in one of the best laboratories in the world - Phytolab in Germany. The laboratory uses 3 methods. • HPLC analysis; • Absolute content analysis - calculated considering the chromatographic purity and, if available, the content of water, residual solvents and inorganic impurities according to the following formula: Content = (100% - water content (%) - residual solvents (%) - inorganic impurities (%)) x chromatographic purity (%) / 100; • Content, derived by chromatographic comparison with the reference substance phyproof® with an assigned absolute purity of 99.01%. Only such a detailed analysis can tell us how pure xanthohumol really is. Our test results: 98,56% HPLC

Completion of production process

Xanto has just finished the production process of your product!

Re-examination of xanthohumol purity

Like most substances in the world, Xanthohumol degrades naturally over time. One measure of the quality of xanthohumol, besides purity, is its degradation rate over time. Our xanthohumol is not only the purest xanthohumol on the market, but it is also nearly non-degradable, meaning it can be used for years without losing its valuable properties. Test results: 98,30% HPLC


Despite its many great qualities and broad application in the area of health and beauty, xanthohumol is currently extremely rare, which makes its price very high. With our unique, patented production technology we are able to produce this substance at a cost that allows us to sell xanthohumol at prices several or even several dozen times lower than current market prices.